An efficient and reliable water heater is crucial for the smooth functioning of your household. Be it for daily showers or laundry, your water heater plays a significant role in your daily routine. However, identifying when your water heater is due for replacement is essential to prevent any unexpected breakdowns or replacement costs. This article will highlight five signs that indicate you need a new water heater and how U.S. Plumbing Repairs can help.

  1. Age of the Water Heater:

One of the primary signs that indicate you need a new water heater is the age. Most water heaters have a lifespan of around ten to fifteen years. If your water heater is close to or exceeds this lifespan, it is recommended to replace it before it fails entirely. U.S. Plumbing Repairs can assist you in selecting and installing a new and more energy-efficient model to suit your household’s needs.

  1. Strange Noises:

Water heaters that produce excessive noise during operation indicate a mechanical issue or wear and tear. This can be caused by sediment buildup on the heating element, causing it to overheat and produce noise. If left unaddressed, it can lead to a leakage or complete failure of the water heater. Our team of skilled plumbers can help fix any mechanical issues or recommend a new water heater if necessary.

  1. Rusty Water:

Rusty or discolored water is a clear sign of corroded steel within the water heater tank. The rust could also be due to old and rusty pipes, but if it continues over time, it’s most likely due to the water heater’s internal issue. Corroded water heaters can cause leakage and likely to fail soon. Contact U.S. Plumbing Repairs to evaluate whether a replacement is necessary.

  1. Leakage:

A water heater’s leaking can cause significant damage to your home, leading to costly repairs. Over time, the steel of the water heater tank can become corroded and allow water to leak. Also, a leaking pressure relief valve or loose connections can be an indication that it’s time for a new water heater.

  1. Inefficient heating:

If your water heater takes more than average time for water to heat up or for the water to remain hot, there’s a chance of a low performing or old water heater. Inefficient heating is common in older water heaters and can contribute to increased energy bills if left unnoticed. U.S. Plumbing Repairs can help evaluate your water heater’s efficiency and suggest the need for a new and more energy-efficient model.

In summary, a water heater is an essential component of a household, and it’s necessary to identify when it’s time for replacement. Identifying the warning signs early on and reaching out to U.S. Plumbing Repairs for professional assistance can save you from unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Our team of skilled and licensed plumbers can help evaluate your water heater and provide the best solution to suit your needs. Contact U.S. Plumbing Repairs today to schedule an appointment and ensure your household’s hot water stays reliable and efficient.